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Healthy Weight, tasty life

You love to eat? Me too! Yumminess and healthy weight are compatible! I want it all and I get it!

My recipes

I am a canadian healthy foodie. I like sharing my recipes, the ones that make life so delicious. I became a vegetarian quite naturally and I master in the art of adapting convenient and easy recipes since I cook for an omnivourous tribe!

Gluten Free
Nut free
Egg free
Dairy Free

My blog

I also feed a blog which aims to convey my values, to nourish my passions; not just for healthy eating, but also for balance, eco-responsibility, family life, the outdoors and many other things.

Tips and Tricks
Weight Loss

Avoiding liquid calories

I just love to eat. I’m always thinking about the next thing I’m going to devour! It’s like that!

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is not the same challenge for everyone. Understanding what we eat is key in making better choices. What if you could eat more for less calories? Eating wisely has a huge impact on our mental and physical health and do our part for the environment.

By educating myself and testing approaches and foods, I found the solution that works for me: avoid empty calories, eat whole foods, and optimize the flavors of everything I eat. I make sure to have super nutritious key ingredients at hand. If you do so, you will be able to enjoy generous portions, tasty foods and last but not least, a healthy weight that makes you feel good inside and out. I publish recipes and weekly menus.

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Healthy and eco-friendly choices

I also love making local, organic and fair-trade purchases. I try to avoid overpackaged articles in order to help save the environment through my purchasing power.


Eating well is happiness

Eating healthy is not a sacrifice, it’s happiness! Having developed homemade healthy recipes that are just as tasty as the commercial or restaurant versions, I have the best of all worlds! Once you’ve tasted this way of life, you feel like you’re being tricked when you eat empty calories. *)

Enjoy your visit!